Friday, May 6, 2011

Beginner - Novice

Okay two years ago I decided to learn to use the "Audio Prompter".  I'd heard there was a lot of work out there for this skill. So I studied, worked hard, walked around with an earpiece continually. I even had to audition this new skill for my agent. So time passes with no audition for such and I forget all about it. THEN ...  I received an audition notice for an Audio Prompter Industrial!!!! Yikes!!!! Get the script loaded on my prompter, which took about 60 tries till I thought it sounded conversational. Then worked all evening with my "Flip" camera to make sure I was pulling it off in front of the lens, Very tricky actually. Arrived at my audition, truly nervous but confident.



  1. Lovely pencil work :o)
    And... Congratulations on 'Nailing it'!

  2. Wonderful contrast and line work!