Friday, October 7, 2011

Jett & GG Had a Big Time!

I had a wonderful visit in Dallas with my precious baby Jett. Got home in time for an audition in a  SAG film starring Will Farrell. I was a lower middle class wife watching TV. Yay! Please I hope I book this one!  It was also my daughter's Birthday and I made her Caramel Apples.

This afternoon till early evening I'll be on set shooting "The Order Of Things"! So happy to be filming.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Day

Today feels like a new day! After being sequestered at home since my husband retired. ARRRGHRRED!!!!!  I'm off to Dallas to spend a few days with Baby Jett and time away from words that scar.

I had a great audition last week for an Industrial. It shoots the end of October, which I hope so much I book! Then I a film role I booked for Oct. 6,7, & 8. That will be wonderful. I love that I get to keep doing what I love!

This is my Waitress Character I'll be for the film "The Order Of Things".  Can't wait to bring her to life.
This is the Character I'm hoping to book for the Osteoporosis Industrial I auditioned for last week.
For now, This is where I'm headed. To spend 4 days with my precious Grand Son Jett! Yea!
God you are so good to me.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cover Girl At Last

As a teenager I thought, What a thrill it would be to land on the cover of "Seventeen Magazine". Now in my 50's I made the cover of a different, yet very significant magazine, "Texas Monthly". I'm posing as a Texas Politician in the July 2011 issue. Very cool. God is always surprizing me with special bookings and great exposure.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Characterture or Character ?

I filmed an awesome scene a week or so ago. However, the make-up gal went a little overboard trying to make me LOOK crass. My character is "The Crass Woman", but the words she says, the attitude she has, lets the camera know that subtley. I hope at the screening coming up I'm not too dissapointed. I always an adversion to hair and make-up folk. I know how to create my characters AND myself better than they do. Sometimes in the biz if you protest, you are considered 'hard to deal with'. So I give in and then beat myself up about it later. UURRRGGGGG!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Beginner - Novice

Okay two years ago I decided to learn to use the "Audio Prompter".  I'd heard there was a lot of work out there for this skill. So I studied, worked hard, walked around with an earpiece continually. I even had to audition this new skill for my agent. So time passes with no audition for such and I forget all about it. THEN ...  I received an audition notice for an Audio Prompter Industrial!!!! Yikes!!!! Get the script loaded on my prompter, which took about 60 tries till I thought it sounded conversational. Then worked all evening with my "Flip" camera to make sure I was pulling it off in front of the lens, Very tricky actually. Arrived at my audition, truly nervous but confident.


Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am so blessed in so many ways! My friends get gifts and then bless me with using their gift. So the case of AnnMarie's birthday present. A professional camera that rocked my pictures out of the park yesterday! Thank you for being so generous to me AnnMarie!

You made me feel like a MOVIE STAR!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Watch for me !!!

Watch for me this Friday, April 29, at 7:00 pm on NBC! I'll be Ms. Rene on "Friday Night Lights" episode #503, directed by David Boyd.

Been busy sending out Postcards to Casting Directors. Hopefully I'll get called in for some auditions in the coming weeks.

I had a wonderful time in Dallas for a week as "GG" with my grandson "Jett". What a joy He is in my life.

Yesterday was Easter. Church was wonderful with Alan singing and playing the Sax. He rocked it!

My thought for the day: "With man it is impossible, BUT with God All Things are possible." Possible here is Dynamos! Meaning with God's dynamic Power He can take me from obscure to highly sought after actress in a nano second!

It's all good!